Playful Creations Twirling Arcade 

Great Ice Breaker Activities for Parties and Events
Insured for Liability through World Clown Association

A great side-show for parties, festivals and  othel events where participants can toss, juggle, and fly handmade hula hoops (adult and child sized), juggling sticks, scarves and paper crafts to the rhythm of music.  The environment joyfully energizes focus in a way that encourages full involvement. The activities are challenging but achievable for everyone. The star of the 'side show' is Louie the Hoop Flying Clown and Therapy Dog performing his favorite tricks and making friends with everyone. Gathered wherever there is space for movement, at festivals, parties and other events, we learn to cooperate with the principle of rotational force and  ease 'into the successful twirl.'  

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Sue Albert has presented choice-based learning and therapeutic play environments at countless school and community events since she began The Learning Arcade more than 20 years ago. She has devoted more than 25 years  working as a Bibliographic Specialist at Princeton University Library and also continues a lifelong pursuit of information related to the topic of delinquency prevention through play. Louie, the Hoop Flying Clown Healer Beagle is a certified Bright and Beautiful therapy dog. Since 2011, he has regularly lifted spirits with nursing home visits. In 2012, Sue and Louie joined the World Clown Association as members eligible for liability insurance.

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Playful Creations
Handmade Toys, Crafts and Activities
to Connect All Ages and Abilities

This 'Hula Hoop Lounge we hosted at Art All Night 2012 attracted people of all ages and  abilities to play together late into the night.  Many adults were grateful for the opportunity to 'feel like kids again' and playfully relax while listening to great music. 

Twirling Juggling Sticks is a form of playful relaxation, based on an ancient Chinese form of martial arts. Here is a playlist of youtube videos with instructions for learning tricks:

Kite Making 
Small paper kites that can be personalized
4 yrs old and up